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Adrian Turnipseed is a wizard professor at Brazeneck College.

He was originally part of the research group working at the High Energy Magic Building under Ponder Stibbons and helped to develop the Hex. He earned the nickname 'Big Mad Drongo' by drinking a whole pint of shandy. Mustrum Ridcully was rendered speechless on hearing this and no doubt wished he'd never asked he question. While at Unseen University he types the question 'Why?' into Hex to see what will happen. Some of the students forecast that Hex will go mad trying to work it out. Ponder Stibbons expected Hex to produce the message ?????, which it did with depressing frequency. Instead, after some unusual activity among the ants, it laboriously produced: 'because'. While the other students hid behind a hastily overturned desk, Tunipseed tried again with 'Why anything?' The reply eventually came as: 'Because Everything. ????? Eternal Domain Error. +++++ Redo From Start +++++.' This whole sequence resonates with the old British TV series The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan where he, as Number Six, uses the question "Why?" to destroy a master computer dominating The Village. It also resonates with the computer "Deep Thought" in Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy where the computer is asked "What is the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything?" and it eventually answers, "42!"

By the time of Unseen Academicals  Adrian Turnipseed has moved to Brazeneck College (a take off on Brasenose College at Oxford) and been given a post as Professor. He is credited with developing Pex, Brazeneck's answer to UU's Hex, which, instead of using ants, uses chickens. A blit effect near the end of the book causes one of the chickens to increase in size by an alarming amount, rampage through the city, and lay multiple eggs of, suffice to say, a much larger than normal size.