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Alison Weatherwax was the grandmother of Esmerelda and Lily, and mother of Violet. First mentioned in The Discworld Companion which notes that her death was not recorded but was widely rumoured to have occurred. This is probable as she was born in Lancre 125 years before. The Weatherwaxes are known for strong magic (including a distant cousin, Galder Weatherwax, a wizard and Arch-Chancellor of Unseen University).

Alison Weatherwax was a notable Witch of Lancre but, for reasons unknown, was estranged from her family and left their home in Lancre before Esmerelda knew her. In her later years she traveled extensively. In Carpe Jugulum, it was rumoured that she has "gone to the bad." However, this proved unfounded. In fact: she put the infamous Vampire Count de Magpyr down for a very long nap near the Escrow of Überwald more than fifty years before. The Weatherwax family resemblance was so strong, that once revived the Count initially believed Esmerelda to be her grandmother. The Count remembered Alison with fondness in spite of her having cut off his head and driven a stake through his heart.


Alison Weatherwax might take her name from the famous 16th-century witch, Alison Device.