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Mustrum Ridcully

The current Archchancellor, Mustrum Ridcully.

Archchancellor was the title given to a Wizard who was in charge of a magical educational establishment.

List of Archchancellors of Unseen University[]


Alberto Malich

Here is a list of Archchancellors of Unseen University along with dates of when they were Archchancellor.

Of unknown time[]

List of Archchancellors of Bugarup University[]

Here is a list of the Archchancellors of Bugarup University on the continent of Four X (also known as XXXX or Terror Incognita).


The Dean.

List of Archchancellors of Brazeneck College[]

This is a list of Archchancellors of Brazeneck College, Pseudopolis.