Cutangle is a former Archchancellor of Unseen University and Archmage of the Silver Star. He comes from the Ramtops, where his father Acktur Cutangle lived in the village of Brass Neck next to Granny Weatherwax's home village.

Under his administration, Eskarina Smith was admitted as the first female student wizard.

There is some evidence that Cutangle entertained a (one-sided) romantic attraction for Granny Weatherwax during their briefly accounted acquaintance in Equal Rites. After all, they got acquainted in an intimate magical duel in the Great Hall, fought out in front of a packed audience of wizards, in which Granny proved herself to be at the very least the equal of an Eighth Level Magus, and following which both participants all but acknowledged defeat at the hands of the other... this is possibly the sort of courtship that can turn an old wizard's head. Granny, however, never mentions him again: while she never had a proper romance at all, the closest she came to one in her youth was with another wizard of the Ramtops...

Cutangles eventual fate is unknown: no Archchancellor is identified in Mort, but at the start of Sourcery, the wizards are preparing to appoint Virrid Wazygoose as the new Archchancellor. Since the latter is described as having been patiently waiting his turn for years, it implies a peaceful transition of authority, and thus that Wazygoose probably did not murder his predecessor for the job - which may or may not have been Cutangle. Since Cutangle never appears again and has been replaced as archchancellor, he can be presumed dead: most likely of natural causes and it can be assumed that Wazygoose was his successor.

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Equal Rites

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