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Arthur carry

Motto: Art Brought Forth the Candle

Arthur Carry is a prominent candle maker, featured in Feet of Clay. He has a large factory in the Shambles. At the beginning of Feet of Clay, he acquires the newly-built golem king Meshugah. Since having a golem work for you is the next best thing to owning a fully automated factory, being incredibly fast and strong, never taking breaks and working 24/7, this allows Carry to significantly outproduce his competitors, drive them out of business and gain a virtual monopoly of the industry.

To obtain the golem in the first place, he makes a Faustian bargain with the Dragon King of Arms, a vampire, to produce poisoned candles to assassinate Vetinari. The golem goes insane from all the conflicting directions given to it and goes on a rampage producing candles so fast that they exceeded demand and filled up entire warehouses. Eventually Vimes and the watch defeat the golem and Carry comes to an unfortunate end, lying dead in an alley beside his factory with his neck broken.