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Bashfull Bashfullsson is an unusually liberal dwarfish loremaster (he shows his face and doesn't even carry an axe) who was of considerable help to Commander Vimes in Thud! with the deep-downer Dwarfs and the Summoning Dark. Grag Bashfullsson is one of very few leading dwarfs to actively contemplate the future of dwarf society rather than simply relying on tradition. Despite not carrying an axe, he is able to defend himself; neutralising Ardent with a dwarfish variant of martial arts - his hand becoming the axe as in Karate.

Although Bashfullsson's age is not stated, he is young for a dwarf and particularly so for a grag. Despite his extremely modest means (he lives in a tiny partition of a room) he has the ear of both Rhys Rhysson (the Low King) and Mr Shine, the leader of the Trolls as well as the respect of the Ankh-Morpork dwarfish community. Bashfullsson's interpretations of dwarf lore are clearly at odds with the deep-downers but he seems more than a match for them intellectually. Some hints as to his abilities are given when he not only translates the Cube's ancient Dwarfish dialect (as doubtless other grags could) but also 'old Troll'. Rhys clearly regards his advice on the Summoning Dark as authoritative and he appears to have become a personal adviser to the Low King.


Like all Dwarfs, his name follows the pattern of soppy names found in Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which Pratchett uses. His name is a play on Bashful, one of the Seven Dwarfs from Disney's version of Snow White. The Dwarfs seem to follow the Scandinavian tradition of using the father's first name as a last name so he must be "Bashful's Son".