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A young wizard who was responsible for burning down the Library. Realising that any further attempt to unscrew heads would be futile, the Librarian concentrated on helping the books to escape.

This does not mean he would have forgotten or forgiven, even after the Sourcerer returned things to normal, as good as old.

Sconner and his accomplices would still have needed to renew their library cards, and the "we were only obeying orders" defence wouldn't wash on one of the very few sentient members of Unseen University who did try to fight the Sourcerer...as well as this, Sconner's unfortunate use of the m-word is almost sure to have earned him the full range of the Librarian's informal sanctions for misbehaviour...


The word "sconner" and its variants are not complimentary in Scottish slang - indeed, the Feegle are on record as having employed this useful vocabulary item, to denote a rogue, a bully, a reprobate and a generally untrustworthy person. Another aptly named Sconner is Sconner Nobbs, the father of Nobby Nobbs.