Betty 'Shufti' Manickle is one of the women recruits who enlisted disguised as men at the same time as Polly Perks in the novel Monstrous Regiment. Her nickname comes from the British expression to 'take a shufti at something' which means to take a quick look at something. Shufti is of stocky build and mildly helpful, in an annoying way, but any deficiencies are more than compensated for by her prowess at cooking meals out of just about anything available. She joined up with the Tenth Foot in order to find Johnny, the father of her unborn child, who ran off with a six-pence piece that he was supposed have shared with her.

At the end of Monstrous Regiment, Shufti is offered the opportunity to marry Johnny (with a generous gift from the army); she turns it down, and announces that the "real" Johnny must have died during the fighting, but not before demanding that the man she is confronting return her sixpence. With Major Clogston's help, Shufti is listed as a widow and may have received the same gift in the guise of "Johnny's" death benefits. A few months after the events of Monstrous Regiment she gives birth to her child, whom she names Jack, likely after her sergeant Jack Jackrum, and goes off to live and work with the Perks family at The Duchess Inn. She develops a relationship with Polly's brother, Paul and he appears to have adopted Jack as his own son. It is clear when Polly leaves to rejoin the army that Paul and Betty will be quite happy running the Duchess together.

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