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Big Cabbage is a town on the Sto Plains near Sto Helit and Cranbury[1]. It likes to call itself the "Green Heart of The Plains.[2]" but is considered

File:Https://www.discworldemporium.com/1162-thickbox default/big-cabbage-half-penny.jpg

The Big Cabbage Half Penny (Year of the Backward Facing Artichoke)

possibly the last place anyone would want to go. Big Cabbage is the home of the World's Biggest Cabbage. Inside its concrete walls, a breathtaking exhibit of the glorious industry of the Plains can be found, in the form of everything from cabbage ink and cabbage bookmarks to kale ale and cabbage cigars, to kohlrabi music boxes and Captain Cabbage dolls[2]. The latter is possibly a parody of the "Captain Carrot One-Man-Night-Watch" Dolls mentioned in Hogfather. Big Cabbage also houses Brassica World, a centre of excitement, wherein the huge heads of Captain Cabbage, Billy Broccoli, and Cauliflower Clown lie, and (for older, more serious visitors[2]) The Cabbage Research Institute, the first place to send a cabbage to the height of 500 ft powered only on its own juices[3], and probably the first place that wanted to. In short, Big Cabbage is a centre of entertainment, brassica, and brassica for the rest of the slightly less well-cabbaged portions of the Plains. It is truly, as they say in Ankh-Morpork, "Out in the stalks." According to Making Money, the have some form of Watch, as a Watchman starts taking an interest in Cribbins during his broken-iconograph-con[4]. However, it is uncertain whether this is merely a part of the Ankh-Morpork or Sto Lat Watches or an independent police force.

The Discworld Stamp Emporium gave Big Cabbage the honour of being on the Big Cabbage Half-Penny in 2017, as well as the One Penny in 2017 and the Big Cabbage Commemorative Stamp in 2007.

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