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Bjorn Hammerhock was an artificer and craftsdwarf with a reputation for understanding and devising small intricate mechanisms. In Men at Arms he used all his dwarven skills of attention to fine detail and precision work with metals in the art of building clockwork mechanisms and spring-driven devices of all kinds. When he inspected the Gonne he was intrigued by the way the cylinder revolves to insert the lead pellets and determines that it was just another fine intricate mechanism that needed to have a high-tensile spring replaced, better use the right sort of stainless chromium steel here as it looks like it operates under high stress, hmm, this is an interesting device, some sort of means of repeated delivery of objects propelled by these re-chargeable combustion cylinders. So you clowns use this as some sort of automated slapstick? I could see uses for this and it shouldn't be so difficult to reproduce...


Bjorn Hammerhock?

Bjorn is a Scandinavian given name meaning 'Bear', Hammer is an appropriate name for someone who uses tools and works with metal and 'hock' means to pawn something. This is a typical Discworld Dwarf style name.