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Blind Io is the Chief of the Gods who reside in Dunmanifestin on Cori Celesti. He is completely blind in the traditional sense but instead has countless eyes, which seem to have a mind of their own, orbiting his head. His priests are actually blind. He was eventually compelled to get rid of his raven messengers because of their species' instinctual desire for devouring eyeballs. He and the other gods play games with the lives of mortals.

It is mentioned in Snuff that he has three daughters known as the Three Disgraces; Nudicia, Pulchitrudia, and Voluptia. Their statues form the central arch over the bridge at Vimes country estate until the river washes them away. He is seemingly an amalgam of Odin and Zeus, with elements of Thor — seen primarily in his use of a number of different hammers (seventy, actually, as detailed by Om in Small Gods). Besides the hammers he also, apparently, uses a "double-handled axe", or at least has one as a symbol. This is probably a reference to the double-headed axe used by Zeus.

Blind Io is a lightning god. Actually, Io is the only thunder god on the Disc. He goes by many names and appearances to make sure he keeps the optimal amount of followers. This is not really unfair because all the other gods use the same trick.

He also has an apparent monopoly on the natural phenomenon of thunder, as detailed by Om in Small Gods, who stated that lightning was allowed for common use by all deities but thunder was strictly regulated.

The high priest of Blind Io in Ankh-Morpork is, as stated in the book Reaper Man, Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully's brother Hughnon Ridcully.

The Discworld Companion claims that he is not native to the Disc, but was forced to leave another reality in undisclosed circumstances.

The name Blind Io probably comes from the Blind Yeo river in North Somerset.