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There is an Opera House in the city of Bugarup on XXXX. In keeping with Fourecksian pretensions to culture, which verge on a neurotic desire to represent themselves to the rest of the world as something more than a bunch of plain-speaking beer-swilling ockers, this is not built out of the traditional local material of corrugated iron sheeting. It takes the form of a blindingly white rectangular box, with odd billowing structures on the top that put Rincewind in mind of paper hankies protruding from a box of tissues, or from another angle like ships' sails. All of which is somewhat reminiscent of here...

Opera is big on Fourecks: it has a creditable list of divas, the current star being Dame Nellie Butt, a woman who reduced a chef to tears wondering what dessert he could name after her. Previous stars at the Bugarup Opera House have had desserts named after them including Dame Wendy Sackville (Strawberry Sackville), Dame Margyreen Glazier (Apple Glazier), Dame Janine Ormulu (Orange Ormulu), and Germaine Trifle (Trifle). Rincewind saves the day by inventing Peach Nellie.


The Bugarup Opera House has a clear parallel in Roundworld's Sidney Opera House in Australia, with its billowing sails. The whole idea of naming the various desserts after XXXX Opera stars is a take off on Peach Melba which was created in the 1890s by the French chef Auguste Escoffier at the Savoy Hotel, London, in honour of the Australian soprano Nellie Melba.