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The Watch is hope, justice. It could save this city, as could Sam. In twenty years time, he'll become a captain, an inspiration, a symbol of good.

Captain John Keel to Carcer Dun, "A Near Vimes Experience"

Captain John Keel is a character who appears in the BBC America TV show, The Watch. The series is based off Terry Pratchett's hit Discworld novels.


Captain John Keel summoned Sam Vimes to The Watch House, intending to recruit him as a member of the City Watch. Vimes was inclined to join, but Carcer Dun shouted at him not to, telling him that the Watch was just another gang. Vimes defied him and threatened to put him under arrest. In response, Dun shot at him with a crossbow. Captain Keel threw himself in front of Vimes, sacrificing his life, and leaving Vimes as captain of the City Watch in his place.