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Crispin Horsefry of Ankh-Morpork Mercintile Bank was a vile young man with huge appetites who was bought into Reacher Gilt's scheme to defraud the Dearheart family, the rightful owners of the Grand Trunk in the novel Going Postal. The sight of him eating pot-au-feu was an "unforgettable one" according to Lord Vetinari. He wore pink shirts that were worth $100AM each - at a time when a Watchman's monthly salary was around $30AM. When Moist von Lipwig began to make the Post Office viable again, Crispin became afraid that the fraudulent activities of the Board of Directors of the Grand Trunk would be exposed and got cold feet, approaching Reacher Gilt with his concerns. Stupidly he brought his secret financial records (you have to keep records of your tracks so that you know how to cover them) to Gilt when drunk, and was rewarded with a terminal visit from Mr Gryle, Mr. Gilt's personal banshee assassin.


The picture suggests a link to the now deceased British Conservative politician Lord Hailsham but whether Pratchett intended this as well is unknown. Crispin certainly fits the model - Hailsham was renowned for his appetite to the point where he would eat two six-course dinners back-to-back and weighed well over forty-five stone (nearly 600 pounds for Americans)when he die. He was renowned for his devotion to Margaret Thatcher and was a prominent spokesman for the Thatcherite school of extreme laissez-faire economics.