Lance-Constable Cuddy is a dwarf in the Ankh-Morpork Night Watch. In Men at Arms, he is recruited alongside Lance-Constables Angua and Detritus as part of an affirmative action initiative, to Captain Vimes' disgust. He is partnered with the troll Detritus on the hope that having them work together will help relieve some of the tensions between their two races, especially given the recent murder of a prominent figure in the dwarf community and arrest of a prominent figure in the troll community. Though initially unhappy, they do develop a friendship, and Cuddy teaches Detritus how to count.

When an assassin attempts to remove the city's leaders to allow the true heir to take the throne, Cuddy is promoted to Acting Corporal alongside Detritus and begins recruiting dwarfs to the Watch.

He is sent to scout out the area ahead of the Patrician's visit to the Unseen University. He is killed when he finds the assassin hiding in the Tower of Art.

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