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Currencies of Discworld[]

Agatean Empire. - The currency of the Agatean Empire is the rhinu. They are large golden coins, and are worth a relatively low amount in the Agatean Empire, as gold is abundant on the counterweight continent.

Ankh-Morpork - The Ankh-Morpork Currency is complex because there are new coins and old coins.  The system is based on the old British currency system: The new currency base is the $AM (Ankh-Morpork dollar) which is made up of twenty shillings.  An older unit of currency is the Guinea, composed of twenty-one shillings, (but this is falling from use)

  • The shilling is composed of twelve pennies.
  • Or two sixpences.
  • Or four thruppeny bits.
  • The Penny is composed of two Halfpennies.
  • Each Halfpenny is composed of two Farthings.
  • Each Farthing is composed of two Mites.
  • Each Mite is composed of two Elims.

There are also intermediate values, like the Crown (a five-shilling coin) and the Half-Crown (a coin worth two shillings and sixpence. Or if you prefer, ten thruppeny bits, sixty halfpennies, one hundred and twenty Farthings, two hundred and forty Mites, or four hundred and eighty Elims.

Howondaland currency is the wichit bead (1 wibi). It is available from the money changer south of the Dockside Market in Ephebe.

Lancre - the currency of Lancre is the Lancre penny which is 1/100th of the value of a $AM dollar. The Lancre penny weights more than one ounce. Money is not much real use in Lancre. It is really just a form of IOU and Lancre is small enough that everyone knows who owes what to whom - the fact that they choose not and spend much of their time in highly enjoyable rows is just part of civic life and whiles away the long winter evenings.

Omnia - The currency of Omnia is the Obol.