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"'Enjoy all that? It was a little expository there in the middle, but it picked up, didn't it?"
"So this is the end?"
"Actually, it's only the beginning."

Death and Sam Vimes, "A Near Vimes Experience"

Death is a character who appears in the BBC America TV show, The Watch. The character is based off the character of the same name in Terry Pratchett's hit Discworld novels and is an iconic representation of death itself.

Sam Vimes comes before Death, not knowing how he got there. Death then tells him to watch carefully as he shows him scenes from his past. Afterwards, Vimes asks him if it's the end, but he tells him that it is, in fact, only the beginning. Vimes is then saved from death by Sergeant Detritus.

Lady Sybil Ramkin encounters Death at the Assassins' Guild, as she seeks to kill Inigo Skimmer, who killed her parents. However, she ultimately decides instead to spare his life.

Constable Carrot Ironfoundersson runs into Death randomly at an old folks' home, Twilight Canyons. He admits that he's there often because there are so many people dying there and that the residents have come to know him as "Michelle." He tells Carrot that it sometimes gets lonely and asks him awkwardly if he'd like to go out for a drink.

When the crew of The Watch, separated from Sam Vimes, are jailed in an alternate dimension, they encounter Death. He asks them which of them is likeliest to eat the other first. He comments that he's just trying to organize his schedule and Carrot tells Angua and Cheery not to worry, "I know this guy." He asks if Death can help get them out of there. Death replies that he can't really intervene and Carrot tries to sweet-talk him, suggesting that he must have some sort of special powers. Death admits to having a certain "something something" - that he's started writing songs. He says that they wouldn't care, that nobody ever does, but Angua replies that they would love to hear it. He then performs one of his songs, "Last Breath," for them.

As it becomes clear that Carcer Dun is being manipulated by an outside group known as the Observers, Vimes presses Death for any information that he might be able to provide about them. Death is annoyed, complaining that people think that just because he's a supernatural entity, he must know all about the activities of other supernatural entities. He shares what little he knows and Vimes asks him if he'll help him fight them. In response, Death asks him if he'll let him join their band, The What. "Oh, piss off, Death," he replies and Death tells him "That's mean."

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