Devious H. "Dragonbreath" Collabone is a professor at Unseen University. Professor Collabone's halitosis is the source of his nickname "Dragonbreath" and compelled Mustrum Ridcully to send him on an indefinite research assignment to study shellfish in a swamp near Genua. As Ridcully said, nobody's going to mind out there, least of all the shellfish Collabone was ostensibly sent to study. Unfortunately for Collabone, he found out that he was allergic to shellfish when his nose swelled up and became bright red and his eyes began to water incessantly.

He came to prominence as the goal in the contest between the Post Office and the Grand Trunk as to who could get a message to Genua the fastest. Collabone faltered while reading the message sent by Moist von Lipwig because the audience included the Patrician, Reacher Gilt and the Board of the Grand Trunk. His nerve hadto be restored by successive academic advancements to Doctor and then to Professor. These were conferred with the minimum of ceremony by Ridcully. Collabone's pleas to leave the shellfish study behind and return home were ignored.

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