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Dimity Hubbub is a clumsy young witch apprentice and a member of Annagramma Hawkin's coven. Her first appearance is in A Hat Full of Sky when she accidentally sets her hat on fire. She is a regular at Annagramma's séances in the woods. Annagramma is not pleased when Dimity stands on the Circlet of Infinity with its genuine seed-pearls. In Wintersmith, Dimity mixes up ingredients for a toothache cure with a mortar and pestle which promptly catches fire and explodes, at which point she reconsiders the wisdom of anyone putting her toothache cure in their mouth. Her name is similar to that of Mildred Hubble in Jill Murphy's series of books and TV shows for children, The Worst Witch" although Pratchett says this was not intentional.


A Hat Full of Sky