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Dios is the high priest of Djelibeybi, a post he had filled for - some time. He was totally dedicated to order and the way things ought to go, according to an inflexible schedule which precisely described every day. He believed stability was all-important and abhorred change. Whether this was the cause or the result of the way he lived his life remains a guess.

He was the actual power behind the throne. The king´s opinion was, of course, divine; however, the personal opinion of whoever happened to be king at any given moment was irrelevant. The true opinion of the king was voiced by Dios.

Dios was, from one point of view, simply an old priest; from another, he was about eight thousand years old; from yet another, he literally lived forever. This was due to the exceptional qualities of the pyramids of Djelibebi, which, through their shape and mass, created a temporal shift effect in their center, where time actually ran backwards. Dios, when he slept, slept inside a small pyramid somewhere in the heart of the necropolis, renewing himself over and over again.

By his own account, every time he did this, he resolved it would be the last time, but duty would not allow him. He believed he was indispensable for the continued existence of the kingdom.

When the Great Pyramid exploded, however, Dios was cast back in time some eighty centuries, there to meet the founder of Djelibebi, to start the cycle (again?).

Dios was a vegetarian, ostensibly for spiritual reasons, but more likely for practical reasons.