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Discworld stamps are a series of artistamps which are directly mentioned or strongly implied in the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. In the Discworld fiction the stamps are printed by fictional Ankh-Morpork firm, Teemer and Spools, for the Ankh-Morpork and other regional Post Offices. They were first introduced in the book, Going Postal, as an invention by the then postmaster, Moist von Lipwig.

The initial run was released on 9th July 2004 to coincide with the release of the hardback edition of Going Postal. Fresh stamps designs are produced to mark the launch of each new Discworld novel, as well as to celebrate special Discworld events and conventions; including the The April Shower and Hogswatch events held in Wincanton, Somerset .

The stamps have become collectors items among fans of the Discworld novels, and were featured in Stanley Gibbons' stamp and stamp memorabilia magazine.

Many of the stamps also have connections with real world stamps. The One Penny Patrician Black is based on the original Penny Black and there is even a One Penny Patrician red. The first rare stamp created was the $5 Brass Bridge, more commonly know as the Blue Triangle, which is based on the Cape of Good Hope stamp. Only 500 were produced and are only available in the Little Brown Envelopes. Ten of these stamps were sports with the Patrician's Head up side down. The most recent one sold is rumoured to have fetched over £1500.

The stamps are featured in the British Library Philatelic collection.


Artists and designers who have worked on the Discworld Stamps include:

  • Bernard Pearson (Cunning Artificer)
  • Colin Edwards
  • Alan Batley
  • Paul Kidby
  • David Wyatt
  • Jane Debney
  • John Pagan
  • Ian Mitchell
  • Karen Dupe


The correct term for Discworld stamp collecting is Flataly. A combination of the adjective "flat"; a reference to the surface of the stamp and to the Disc itself, and the real world term philately; the study of revenue or postage stamps.

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