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Doctor Hicks is the doctor of Post-mortem Communication (NOT Necromancy, get it?) at Unseen University. His full name is John Hicks.

Making Money[]

Hicks first appears in Making Money. He assists Adora Belle Dearheart by summoning the now dead Professor Flead, an expert on Umnian Language. He summons Flead several times throughout the incident with the golden golems. In Making Money his name is always spelled 'Hicks', not 'Hix', which was added in Unseen Academicals. Pratchett explains in Unseen Academicals that "a man who wears a black robe with nasty symbols on it and has a skull ring would be mad, or let us say even madder, to pass up the chance to have an X in his name."[1]

Unseen Academicals[]

Hicks plays a much more active role in Unseen Academicals. It is then revealed that he is allowed by University Statute to make malicious comments and be generally unpleasant. He is part of the University's football team, but during the big game was dragged from play screaming about University Statute, after trying to stab Mr F. Brisket with the 'Soul-Eating Dagger of the Deadly Vampyre Spider Queen', amidst chants of "who's the ------- in the black?"

Hix knows much about Boffo, in fact he frequents Boffo's Joke Emporium in Tenth Egg street, this is where his "dread sorcorer mask" and the "soul eating dagger", along with many other supplies, come from.

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