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Dolly Sisters was once a small community outside the boundaries of the twin cities of Ankh and Morpork. As the metropolis of Ankh-Morpork expanded, Dolly Sisters was absorbed into it as one of its notable neighborhoods. Residents of Dolly Sisters are characterized by speaking in a dialect that is unique to their community. They also have local days and festivals incomprehensible to the rest of the city - such as Dog Turd Monday and Up Needles All. In Moving Pictures, its heart is described as a little square where eight streets meet. Standing here, Moist von Lipwig made the life-changing decision to walk back to Broad Way via Market Street, thinking this was as good a route as any. The fact it took him straight past the Golem Trust was purely coincidental. Naturally.

The neighbourhood sustains an amateur theatrical society, the Dolly Sisters Players, whose efforts are augmented by University professor Dr. John Hicks, interested students, and Department members and friends. The Dolly Sisters Player performed the Play It's a Pity She's an Instructor in Unarmed Combat, which is a takeoff on the play 'Tis Pity She's a Whore (original spelling: 'Tis Pitty Shee's a Who[o]re), which is a tragedy written by John Ford and first performed between 1629 and 1633 16.

It is also home to the Golem Trust, run by Adora Belle Dearheart which is located on Prentice Spaw.

Noteworthy local residents and ex-residents include:

  • Adora Belle Dearheart, who lives here with what remains of her family after the collapse of their hopes and dreams concerning the Grand Trunk - largely the widows and orphans of the original Trunk management. The local tobacconists will miss her when she finally moves out to marry Moist von Lipwig.
  • Big Dave, who runs the Home of Acuphilia (now "Dave's Pin and Stamp Exchange") which is located on Cripes Alley*(G2) sandwiched in between a house of negotiable affection and a massage parlour.
  • Glenda Sugarbean who was until recently in charge of the Night Kitchen the second most important (after the main kitchen) part of Unseen University - she is now presumed to be in Uberwald with Mr Nutt
  • Juliet Stollop better known as 'Jewels' the well known model for Shatta the dwarf fashion house and former employee in the Night Kitchen. Her father and brothers still live in 'the Sisters' where they are prominent in the world of Foot-the-ball.

With the expansion of the watch a new Watch House was also opened in Dolly Sisters.


The original Dolly Sisters on Roundworld were a pair of twin sisters, working the stage and music hall circuit, who brought about the downfall of department store pioneer Mr Selfridge. He became so enamoured of the twins that he fell from social grace and into bankruptcy in maintaining them as his mistresses. So very Lembit Opik...