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Dr. Follett was the head of the Assassins' Guild at the the time of the Glorious Revolution. He was also, rather unusually for an Assassin, involved in the conspiracy to remove Lord Winder. Normally, Assassins are loyal to whomsoever pays them until the contract is fulfilled and take no interest in politics unless paid. He may have been paid, though Madam was central to the plot, and she was very persuasive in those days.

He has a fine head for champagne, marvelous hair ("Is it his own?" Madam inquires of her nephew) and plays a mean lute. Or did. This time-travel thing buggers up one's tenses! He was known by some of his students as "old Folly".


The name Follett was bestowed upon the character by a process called "Tuckerization". For a (large) sum of money to charity, one can buy oneself into a book. With the magnificent sum of £2,200, which went to the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, the best-selling novelist Ken Follett was the highest bidder at a charity auction and thus bequeathed his name to the Doctor.

The name "Tuckerization" is after the SF writer Wilson Tucker, who used to include his friends - or at least their names - in his stories.