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Draco vulgaris, also known as swamp dragons, are tiny dragons which are often kept as pets. Their eggs are badly constructed and they're mainly flightless, except in a snowstorm or any kind of storm. Lady Sybil Ramkin is the authority on all things swamp dragon and also owns the Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons.

Possibly related to the Draco stellaris nauticae or Star-Voyaging Dragons found on Discworld's moon.

Varieties of swamp dragon[]

There are 37 known varieties of swamp dragon:

  1. The Smooth Courser
  2. Ramkin's Optimist
  3. The Nothingfjord Blue
  4. The Smooth-nosed Smut
  5. The Big-nosed Jolly
  6. The Rough-nosed Smut
  7. Wivelspiker
  8. the Quirmian Long-ear
  9. Spiked Oncer
  10. The Classic Smut
  11. Golden Deceiver
  12. Narrowe-Eared Smut
  13. The Lion-Headed Cowper
  14. Tomkin's Neurovore
  15. Porpoise-Headed Cowper
  16. The Retiring Smut
  17. The Golden Rharn
  18. Birbright's Smut
  19. Birbright's Lizard
  20. Tabby Cowper
  21. Silver Regal
  22. Jessington's Blunt
  23. Jessinton's Deceiver
  24. The Common Smut
  25. Pixy-faced Smut
  26. The Flared Smut
  27. Horned Regal
  28. Smooth Deceiver
  29. Big-nosed Smut
  30. Guttley's Leaper
  31. Spike-nosed Regal
  32. Broken-faced Cowper
  33. The Pique
  34. Curly-maned Slottie
  35. Avery's 'Epolette'
  36. Fridision Courser
  37. Male and Female Spouters

( from The Show Judges' Guide to Dragons, by Lady Sybil Ramkin)