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The Duke of Eorle is a member of the Ankh-Morporkian nobility, who appears as a supporting character in Men at Arms. At the dinner party Sybil Ramkin throws to introduce her new husband Sam Vimes to the upper crust, the Duke distinguishes himself by a succession of small-minded, prejudiced and self-contradictory remarks about trolls and dwarfs, of the sort that have Samuel Vimes contemplating taking a wine bottle by the neck for reasons other than to pour a guest a drink.

Eorle also appears as one of the nobility invited by Edward d'Eath to witness a slide presentation intended to establish, beyond all possible doubt, the right to the throne of Ankh-Morpork to Carrot Ironfoundersson. Eorle is a small-minded snobbish reactionary, but has enough cunning and resources to live in the manner accustomed so decides that he would rather not upset the status quo. In times of crisis he is affluent enough to raise a Regiment for the city.


Æorle, or Eœrle, is the Anglo-Saxon original spelling of the title "Earl". Therefore "Duke of Eorle" is something of a tautology. It is clearly a play on the title of the number one hit song in 1962 by Gene Chandler.