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Errol appeared in the novel, Guards! Guards! and was originally one of Lady Sybil Ramkin's swamp dragons which she kept in the Lady Ramkin's Dragon Sanctuary. Lady Sybil Vimes, then Lady Ramkin, gave him to Sam Vimes as a present. He ate absolutely everything, including a kettle, Carrot's armour polish and several toys given by various people. His full name was Goodboy Bindle Featherstone of Quirm but he was nicknamed Errol by Nobby Nobbs, who said he looked like his brother. Errol was a freak by swamp dragon standards, his wings were about the same size as his abnormally large eyebrows, with a face like an anteater, a pear-shaped body and gigantic nostrils. He couldn't flame or fly, and spent most of his time relaxing. Lady Sybil described Errol as "a complete whittle" because he was constantly ill and had short, stubby wings. Sir Frank Whittle invented the modern jet engine (or co-invented it since the German engineer Hans von Ohain was working independently on similar concepts at the time). Perhaps this reference is suggesting that Errol re-arrange his innards to function as a jet engine which would explain his actions later in the book. Like Errol, Sir Frank was undersized and looked entirely unpromising (in his case, to the RAF).

However, when a Noble dragon attacked Ankh-Morpork Errol came into his own. He managed to flame backwards and defeat it, proof that he was a throwback to the ancient space-faring dragons, like the Moon dragons encountered in The Last Hero. Lady Sybil, watching the duel/courtship ritual between the two dragons, was enthused to the point where she speculated on how difficult or otherwise it might be to breed back into the Errol bloodline. Given that the flight of the Kite brought back a potentially thriving colony of Moon Dragons, some of whom must surely have found their way into the hands of breeders like Lady Sybil, this may not have been all that difficult for a knowledgeable breeder to do. At the end of Guards, Guards, he flies of with the Dragon to somewhere quieter, so they can spend their life together.