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Mrs. Erzulie Gogol is a voodoo witch. She's also a great cook. Her only appearance is in Witches Abroad, where she allied with the Lancre witches, but nearly fell out with Granny Weatherwax over the spoils of victory. She lives in the swamp just outside Genua, in a hut on legs, together with Baron Saturday. They have one daughter, Ella. She smokes a pipe. Her cottage can move about on duck-like feet over land or water.

Mrs. Gogol's Genuan style of magic, besides the entrancing cooking, includes the raising of gods and zombies. She is adept at scrying and headology. The cooking itself may be used as a means of predicting the future, by the bubbles and patterns of ingredients: an edible Ching Aling. Her familiar, Legba, is a black cock who can even daunt Nanny Ogg's fearsome cat, Greebo.

There is a Mrs Gurgle in Nation who serves as a shamaness and de facto witch: but it is not known if Pratchett is making a connection between the two.


Erzulie Gogol takes her name from the Erzulie, (sometimes spelled Erzili or Èzili) which is a family of loa, or spirits, in Vodou (Voodoo). They are often associated with water (fluidity), femininity, and feminine bodies. They are one of the only group of spirits directly tied to these characteristics and those who become possessed (through spirit possession) often are women or Masisi (effeminate and or homosexual men. Her last name, Gogol comes from the Russian novelist who wrote Dead Souls. Pratchett accurately and fairly represents many aspects of the Roundworld practice of Haitian, "vodou," which inspired the demonized "voodoo" of popular culture. Concepts like Legba, Baron Saturday, and plays on names demonstrate a respect for an often misunderstood culture and an apt Roundworld analogue to Discworld witches.

The ambulatory house is not unique; on Roundworld, the Russian witch Baba Yaga's walked on chicken legs although she didn't live in a swamp.