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Mrs Eunice Proust is the Ankh-Morpork witch and the mother of Derek and Jack Proust. Growing up, Mrs Proust was the daughter of the city's most talented hangman (whose record was 7 1/4 seconds) and ran errands for the warders of the Tanty. She is the owner of the Boffo Joke Emporium, where many of the mountain witches get their supplies, and where Derek and Jack work creating new items for sale. Pratchett says that "Mrs. Proust is "the evil witch from the fairy stories....the sound of the oven door slamming on the children". This and the reference to gingerbread houses is a common reference in the Pratchett novels - obviously the witch in Hansel and Gretel in the Grimms Fairy Tales. She is extremely ugly, with a hooked nose and many warts and blemishes so she bases the masks she creates at the shop on her own face. It is revealed that she met her husband at a dance with terrible lighting, but they appear to have been happily married for twenty-five years until he died. She draws her power from the bricks and mortar of Ankh-Morpork which is similar to the flint within the chalk that gives Tiffany her powers. Mrs Proust is clearly a very talented witch and more blatant with her use of power than Tiffany or the other mountain witches, including enchanting a window so that it throws stones back at people who throw stones at it. She first appears in I Shall Wear Midnight when Tiffany visits Boffo Joke Emporium in search of a Dwarf workshop to repair her broom. Her business was mentioned before this though in Wintersmith, Making Money and Unseen Academicals.

Mrs Proust also provides discreet medical services for Watchmen who are too embarrassed to go to Igor and don't want their mother to know. She also has an Arrangement with Captain Angua von Überwald with regard to treating her hardpad, a problem for canines and werewolves on the full moon. No money is paid, nor do serviceable second-hand clothes or surplus foodstuffs change hands, as they would in Lancre or elsewhere. Mrs Proust is a city witch where barter, performing discreet personal favours in the Watch, etc buys favours. For example when she is imprisoned with Tiffany Aching, accused of criminal damage and importing Feegles into the city. she is provided with proper meals and the wine included is allowed to breathe properly and Commander Vimes turns a blind eye.

There is a street in Ankh called Proust so a connection with the Proust family cannot be ruled out; witchcraft runs in families, names are matrilineal, and witches have a habit of making an impression.

Pratchett likely takes her name from Marcel Proust the influential French novelist and the concept of "Proustian" coined from his works. Proustian means relating to or evoking the recall of a forgotten memory.