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Mustrum Ridcully

Ridcully, creator of many fairies during Hogfather.

A fairy is, to quote Hogfather, purely a job description [...] any creature currently employed under supernatural laws to take things away or [...] to bring things. Notable fairies include:

The Tooth Fairies[]

The tooth fairy franchise, founded by the First Bogeyman (commonly known as The Tooth Fairy), is an organization dedicated to collecting children's teeth and protecting them, so that nobody could seize control of the children. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened- The Auditors hired Teatime (who in turn hired Chickenwire, Peachy, Banjo, Catseye, Sideney, Mr Brown, and Medium Dave) to exterminate the Hogfather- which he did, by attacking the tooth fairy in her tower and controlling the children- adults too- by their teeth.

The Verruca Gnome[]

Created accidentally by Ridcully. Instead of taking away teeth, he brings new verrucas (warts)...

Towel Wasps[]

Also created by Ridcully. They gleefully buzz through the air, stealing towels...

Wisdom Tooth Goblin[]

Also created by Ridcully, the goblin is responsible for bringing wisdom teeth.

Glingleglingleglingle Fairy[]

Created by Ridcully, this fairy is responsible for the glingleglingleglingle sound whenever a new fairy was created in Hogfather.

The Cheerful Fairy[]

a.k.a Gwendolyn. Created by the Senior Wrangler, although first mentioned by his grandmother. Gwendolyn weighs at least fourteen stone (roughly 89 kg), has small wings and a chicken blue bird of happiness.

Eater of Pencils[]

Created by Ponder Stibbons, it resembles a bird with an oddly shaped beak and is responsible for the mysterious disappearance of pencils.

Eater of Socks[]

Created by the Bursar, it resembles a very small elephant witha flared trunk and is responsible for the mysterious disappearance of socks.

Hair Loss Fairy[]

Created by The Lecturer in Recent Runes, it resembles a small gnome and is responsible for the mysterious disappearance of hair, especially on the Dean's head.

Jack Frost[]

Another naturally occurring fairy. Responsible for fern-like patterns on windows.

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