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Ffergant is a Dwarf in Llamedos (the Discworld equivalent of Wales) who takes a traditional view as to how a Dwarf should dress at a wedding, even a very untraditional one by Dwarf standards, which so offends the sensibilities of old-time Deep-Downer grags that they take advantage of the time-honoured clause "If anyone here present knows of a reason why this wedding should not take place, let them speak now or forever hold their peace".

The deep-down old-time grags have, in fact, arrived in town to forcibly uphold the traditional Dwarf ways: and these do not include sanctioning the marriage of a female who is so clearly a ha'ak that she has broken with all that is good and pure and intends to marry a human male. When their enforcers crash the wedding with the intention of inhuming everyone present with great prejudice, Fferglant is the only person present who is armed. As a good well-dressed Dwarf should be. Seeing the bride murdered so presses his berserk button that he single-dwarfedly routs the murder squad.


Fflergant has the common double "F" beginning to his name found in Wales (Jasper Fforde for example). His name supposedly translates from the Welsh to English as flush or slander. The latter would be appropriate given that his words would be slanderous to some dwarfs.