Fizz is the editorial cartoonist for the Ankh-Morpork Times.  He is first mentioned in Monstrous Regiment  doing cartoons of Morporkia and Borogravia and Polly Perks.  He is patterned after Hablot Knight Browne, 19th Century English artist and illustrator of the best-known books by Charles Dickens and a cartoonist for Punch Magazine.  Browne went by the name  "Phiz" which was short for "Phizzog", which in its turn was short for "physiognomy", or "facial likeness".  Punch was a patriotic British magazine which, while occasionally a source of embarrassment for British governments, soon became part of the Establishment. It faded and died in the late twentieth century under pressure from more genuinely satirical publications such as "Private Eye".  Both the cartoon in the frontispiece of Monstrous Regiment and the general tone of the Ankh-Morpork Times are strongly reminiscent of the cartoon and written style of Punch in its Victorian heyday.   His work is referenced again in Thud! where he draws cartoons of Vimes, which his wife Sybil snaps up as soon as they appear, much to Vimes annoyance.

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