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Goblins are a humanoid race on Discworld. They were first mentioned in Reaper Man, but that may have been a discrepancy. If so, their first proper reference is in Unseen Academicals; most people think Mister Nutt is a goblin; he is actually an orc. They first appear in Snuff, when young lord Rust captures goblins and enslaves them.

Reaper Man[]

The introduction of goblins as a species was in Reaper Man, in an excerpt from the Wellcome to Ankh-Morporke, Citie of One Thousand Surprises guide, a famous publication from the Merchant's Guild. this is further backed up by the quote:

[Windle] Poons passed goblin delicatessens and dwarf bars,

This may be a discrepancy while Terry Pratchett was still fully creating Discworld, because goblins were not accepted as equals and welcomed into society. It is very unlikely that any goblins lived in Ankh-Morpork at that time, and even if there were, there probably wouldn't be in sufficient amounts to give birth to a goblin deli.

Enslavment and Entry into Society[]

Main article: Snuff, Gravid Rust, Stratford

During the events of Snuff, Commander Vimes discovers that Gravid Rust, among others are enslaving goblins to take them to a tobacco plantation. At the end of Snuff, Lady Sybil helps Ankh-Morpork come to terms with the goblins, by convincing Tears of the mushroom to display her remarkable skill on the harp in public.

Clacks System and Railway[]

During the events of Raising Steam, the goblins show a remarkable aptitude for machinery. Due to their excellent vision, they are recruited into the clacks system, and help the railway on numerous occassions.

Physical Description and Culture[]

With all goblins, the male ones especially, you got the impression of sinews but they mostly consisted of sinews tied together with other sinews. Surely, the mind protested, there must be muscles in there somewhere, but quite possibly they had to fight for room among all those damn sinews.[1]

Most goblins observe the Unggue Had, a common and slightly ax form of Unggue. they collect nail clippings, snot, and earwax. they store these secretions in beautiful pots, known as Unggue Pots. Thanks to Miss Felicity Beedle, we know that the pot for nail clippings it called Unggue cat. (see also: Soul of Tears)

Notable Goblins[]

Several notable goblins some of whom appear across the books are:

Stinky (Special Constable, Snuff)

The Cold Bone Wakes (Chieftan, Snuff)

The Pleasant Contrast of the Orange and Yellow Petals in the Flower of the Gorse (Murder Victim, Snuff)

Tears Of The Mushroom (Musician, Snuff, Raising Steam)

Of The Twilight The Darkness (Shamegog, Clacksman, Raising Steam)

Of The Wheel The Spoke (Inventor, Raising Steam)

  • Shatter of the Icicle (Clacks Operator Raising Steam) - helps stop the dwarfs from destroying the Clacks tower.
  • Shine of the Moon (Clacks Operator Raising Steam) - stops the dwarfs from destroying the Clacks tower and chews off a dwarf ear in the process as a souvenir.

The Rattle Of The Wheels (Messenger, Raising Steam)

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