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Grand Vizier was the title of the effective head of government of many sovereign states in the Islamic world. The office of grand vizier was first held by officials in the Abbasid Caliphate. It was then held in the Ottoman Empire, the Mughal Empire, the Sokoto Empire, the Safavid Empire and Morocco. (Wikipedia)

In the Discworld, the Grand Vizier of the Agatean Empire was a scheming megalomaniac, as are all Grand Viziers on the Disc.

'Grand Viziers were always scheming megalomaniacs. It was probably in the job description: "Are you a devious, plotting, unreliable madman? Ah, good, then you can be my most trusted minister.”' [1] Interesting Times

List of Grand Viziers[]

Name Realm Appearance(s) Ref
Nine Turning Mirrors Agatean Empire The Colour of Magic (mentioned)


Abrim Al Khali Sourcery [3]
Lord Hong Agatean Empire Interesting Times [1]
Twoflower Agatean Empire Interesting Times [1]