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Ymper Trymon: "Did you know that, in the event of the [Chancellor]'s sad demise, he would be succeeded by Greyhald Spold?"
Horace Worblehat: "He's demonstrated remarkable powers of survival."
Ymper Trymon: "Up to now."
Ymper Trymon and Horace Worblehat on Spold.[src]

Greyhald Spold (died Sektober, 1964[3]) an Eighth-Level Wizard and Head of the Ancient and Truly Original Sages of the Unbroken Circle. During his life, he was a friend of Riktor and Windle Poons[4]. He may have invented Spold's Unstirring Divisor[5].

Spold was present at the Unseen University since the time when Rincewind opened the Octavo[2]. According to Ymper Trymon, should Galder Weatherwax die, Spold would become the next Chancellor[2]. This never came to pass, however, as he suffocated in a box that he slept in in order to hide from Death. He forgot to add airholes[3].


Early life[]

Greyhald Spold was born at some point prior to 1857[1]. He was a friend of Riktor and Windle Poons at some point[4], and may have invented Spold's Unstirring Divisor[5].

As a wizard, it is likely that Spold attended Unseen University in Ankh-Morpork. A member of the Ancient and Truly Original Sages of the Unbroken Circle, he became the order's head at an unknown time.

As Head[]

Spold: "What about the Octavo?"
Trymon: "It's rather troubled at the moment. And it seems that you might be able to tell me why."
Spold: "Well, it's not all there, you know."
Trymon: "As in, mad?"
Spold: "As in one spell short of eight."
Ymper Trymon questioning Spold.[src]
Spold room

Mr. Spold in his study.

Spold was present at the Unseen University while Rincewind was a student there[2]. He knew about the time that he unwittingly stole one of the spells from the Octavo.

After Ymper Trymon ascended in the ranks of wizardry, he questioned Spold (after Horace Worblehat directed him to him) about the Octavo. Spold told Trymon that one of the spells had escaped, but lied and told him that he did not know what happened to it[2].

Spold: "Speak up there!"
Weatherwax: "Shut up!"
Death: "ME?"
Weatherwax: "No, him. Daft old-"
Spold: "I heard that! You young people-"
— Spold arguing with Weatherwax.[src]

Despite evading Death for many years, Spold was present when Galder Weatherwax performed the Rite of AshkEnte. He unwittingly attracted Death's notice when he shouted at Weatherwax for insulting him.


Spold dead

Spold's body with Death.


Death to Spold., The Light Fantastic

After being spotted by Death, Spold created an extremely magical and complicated hiding place, using many rare and smelly oils, a paste made of powdered mayflies, the eightfold octogram of Witholding, red and green candles, protective amulets, and a box made of the wood of the curlyfern pine. Unfortunately, what all his preparations didn't take into account was that the box required air holes[3].

Physical description[]

Greyhald Spold was incredibly old at the time of his death[3]. He had a large white beard[2] and brown eyes[2], and had trouble breathing - possibly due to smoking - even before he suffocated[2].

Behind the scenes[]

  • Greyhald Spold was portrayed by Peter Copley in the film adaptation of The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic.
  • Spold's role was expanded in The Colour of Magic (film), and his death scene was altered. Rather than hiding from Death in a box and forgetting to put air holes in it, he protected himself using a complicated locking system. The only airhole in the room was the keyhole, which Ymper Trymon blocked with a sticky substance in order to suffocate him.
  • It is possible that Greyhald was the man who invented Spold's Unstirring Divisor.

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