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Harga's House of Ribs is an eatery in Ankh-Morpork run by Sham Harga. Death worked there as a cook for a while. To see what's on the menu, all you need to do is look at Harga's vest. The most popular dish is "All-You-Can-Gobble-For-A-Dollar".

CMOT Dibbler made consistent efforts to advertise this in his films, thinking it would make him money; his efforts were frustrated, due to the mistrust of his colleagues, particularly his nephew Soll Dibbler, who edited it out.

"I've eaten at Harga's House of Ribs," said Victor. "I wouldn't say it's the best. Not the best. A long way from being the best." He thought for a bit. "About as far away from being the best as you can get, in fact." --Moving Pictures

Sam Vimes, on the other hand, ate there regularly in his single days. He was particularly fond of the Burnt Brown Crunchy Bits that enliven the basic offerings of greasy starch. He has only complained once about the quality of the food - that was after Harga, in a fit of royalist fervour, cleaned the cooker, disposed of the old fat, and worst of all, cleaned out the coffee urn. The resultant love-in-a-canoe coffee* was not to Vimes' taste.

* f---ing close to water