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... looks like a man who's swallered [sic] a bed!

A brief description, Moving Pictures

Archchancellor Henry was the Dean of Pentacles at Unseen University, as well as a part-time Special Constable for the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. He was an obese man who was usually found in his study reading or in the Great Hall eating. He later left to become Archchancellor of Brazeneck College in Pseudopolis.


Early life[]

Henry belonged to a wealthy family, and believed in the Hogfather. He hung up pillow cases instead of stockings on Hogswatchnight.

He attended the Unseen University and earned a Brown in rowing. He once spent seventeen years writing a treatise entitled The Use of the syllable "ENK" in Levitation Spells in the Early Confused Period.

At some point, he applied for the post of Dean of Pentacles at the University.

Career as Dean[]

[...] the memo saying I've been appointed as Dean! That was years ago!

Henrry referring to his acceptance memo., The Last Continent

At some point after the Year of the Hyena, Henry received a memo accepting him as the Dean. This implies that he may have been employed by Archchancellor Galder Weatherwax or whomever directly succeeded Virrid Wayzygoose.

Despite his senior position, Henry, now better known by his job title, spent most of his time dining in the Great Hall or reading a grimoire in his study. He was soon incredibly overweight and had to sit on two chairs at a time.

The Dean also frequently attended some of the functions held by guilds or clubs around the city of Ankh-Morpork on behalf of the University.

Under the influence of the "Music With Rocks In", everyone became mildly rebellious. However, the Dean, who was affected more by magic than anyone else, painted his room black, gave himself a quiff, and contemplated riding a motorbike. The Dean later helped try and cure Librarian Horace Worblehat.

Faculty in bathroom

Henry in the bathroom with the Lecturer in Recent Runes, the Chair of Indefinite Studies, the Bursar and Modo.

Dean: "Don't say I didn't warn you."
Mustrum Ridcully: "Hygiene! That's the ticket."
— The Dean trying to keep Ridcully from Weatherwax's bathroom.[src]

When Mustrum Ridcully learnt of Galder Weatherwax's old bathroom, the Dean tried to stop him from using it, remarking that Bergholt Stuttley Johnson was "the worst inventor in the world".

Career as Archchancellor[]

Henry later resigned and became Archchancellor of Brazeneck College, to the rage of Ridcully and minor annoyance of the rest of the University staff. He attempted to bring Ponder Stibbons over to Brazeneck as well, but failed, and poached a member of Ponder's department, Adrian Turnipseed, instead.

Archchancellor Henry challenged his fellow Archchancellor to a football match between the two wizarding universities over the ownership of the Archchancellor's Hat. However, after a seventy-foot tall chicken broke out of Brazeneck and rampaged around the city of Pseudopolis, the match had to be rescheduled until the university was rebuilt.