Henry Lawsy Edit

Henry Lawsy is a normally human legal clerk in the undead legal firm of Slant, Morecombe, and Honeyplace who makes his appearance in Maskerade. Henry has long ago despaired of promotion or a partnership since the principals in the company refuse to retire even after death. As a reward for his loyal and long service, he receives perks from his understanding seniors in compensation, such as opera tickets which would otherwise be beyond his income. As his mother is the only women he feels he knows well enough to ask to accompany him, she usually escorts him to the Operatic performances. She provides exquisite embarrassment by making remarks about the music such as that the songs aren't a patch on what you get at the music hall and why does it all have to be in foreign, anyway? During one such memorable trip to the Opera, Mrs. Lawsy is reunited with the love of her life, Henry Slugg who is now a famous opera singer going by the name of Enrico Basilica and Henry discovers the truth as to who his father really was - not Mr Lawsy the eel-juggler, which is what his mother (and foster-father?) told him in order to save face.

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