Hrun the Barbarian appeared in The Colour of Magic and is an archetypal fantasy barbarian: hulking and musclebound yet slow-witted, with very little dress sense, battle-prone, alcoholic and fond of virgins. He must be famous across the Discworld because Twoflower becomes very excited at the prospect of meeting Hrun the Barbarian. He owns a magic talking sword, Kring, which he stole after a battle, and has since lived to greatly regret it due to the sword's talkativeness. He meets Rincewind in Bel Shamharoth's lair, and aids his escape. Upon nearing the Wyrmberg of the Dragonriders, he is captured by the curvaceous Liessa Dragonbidder and her dragon riders. Liessa's plan was to use Hrun to wrest the rulership of the Wyrmberg from her rival brothers and then become queen, Hrun's payment being her hand in marriage. Hrun agrees to the plan and successfully defeats Liessa's brothers with his bare hands, but he refuses to kill them as they are unconscious since killing unconscious people would have been damaging to his reputation as a hero. Liessa agrees to resort to banishing her brothers. In a scene unusually erotic for a Discworld book, Liessa strips naked before Hrun to see if his desire for her will be strong enough for their relationship to work. Before he can accept the "proposal", Rincewind and Twoflower riding upon Twoflower's conjured dragon Ninereeds, snatch up Hrun in a rescue attempt and fly away with him. Hrun is extremely displeased at this turn of events, having been denied both lordship and intimate contact with Liessa because of their actions. But Hrun does not need to be angry for long: when Twoflower faints, his dragon, having existed only through his willpower, disappears, causing all three passengers to fall through the air. Liessa catches Hrun on her own dragon, and the couple share a passionate kiss. What happens to their relationship is unknow nbut in Interesting Times, it is revealed that Hrun eventually became the Sergeant of the Watch in an unnamed city which implies that they split up. Hrun's separation from Liessa and his enrollment in a Watch unit are not altogether surprising: late on in the Discworld timeline, barbarians and mythical creatures are dying out due to the modernization of the world, leading them to either fade from existence or have to enroll into society.


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