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Hubert Turvy is Ankh-Morpork's greatest, and so far only, economic theorist - he is referred to by the Patrician as the alchemist of money. He is the nephew of Topsy Lavish and shares her red hair and acute intelligence, although not (sadly) her worldly wisdom and business acumen. Through his aunt's good graces, he has the run of the cellars of the Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork, much to the dismay of Mavolio Bent and the Lavishes. He has an Igor in his employment (who recognised a suitably unhinged Marthter when he saw one) and shares his basement residence with Owlswick "Clamp" Jenkins, money printer for the royal bank. He designed and built the Glooper in the basement of the Ankh-Morpork Royal Bank. The Glooper device was capable of changing the economic circumstances of Ankh-Morpork with a mere movement of water into a specific chamber. The Glooper is based on a real machine the MONIAC Computer built at the London School of Economics which in Roundworld merely simulated economics. He is described as being a 'proper Hubert' which, if it isn't a euphemism for a 'real geek', should be. Hubert is a borderline mad scientist, down to his evil laugh, but fortunately can generally catch himself in the act before he throws in other phrases such as "I'll show them all!!!!!" This is probably good for everyone involved, It is certainly the case that when Hubert is given the opportunity, to use the power of the Glooper to wreak utter destruction on Ankh-Morpork, he is severely tempted, laughs maniacally - and refrains. Instead, he vows to fix the Glooper to ensure it cannot be used for destructive purposes. His only use of the Glooper, in the operating mode that might cause untold destruction, is to "do good" as he sees it, for Moist von Lipwig. He sums up the nature of economist when, after having been coaxed into giving a dire warning of the economic consequences of following one particular course of action in front of the Patrician and the massed City elite, in answer to Vetinari's obvious next question, he looks puzzled and replies "I don't know, sir. I didn't realise I had to find solutions as well!"

In the creatiion of Hubert Turvy, Pratchett may have been thinking of Rik Mayall's comic creation, the manic investigator Kevin Turvey on the BBC TV comedy "Kevin Turvey Investigates" which ran between 1978-82. It was a sub-routine in a sketch comedy show, where, to the stirring tune of Sibelius' Intermezzo, the somewhat geeky and socially inept teenage genius would share his thoughts on science, society, politics, economic theory, and the perplexing 100% failure of any women anywhere (apart from his mother) to take a personal interest in him.


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