I Shall Wear Midnight has been published in the U.K. in September 2010 and is the fourth Tiffany Aching novel in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, and 38th in all of the discworld series. Pratchett has said that this could be the next Discworld novel following the completion of Nation.

The book, like its three predecessors, will centre on a young witch in training named Tiffany Aching. The title is mentioned in Pratchett's The Art of Discworld and is also a quote in A Hat Full of Sky where Tiffany thinks, "When I'm old I shall wear midnight, she'd decided. But for now she'd had enough of darkness."

Pratchett hinted when questioned during his Wintersmith tour that Esk, the female wizard featured in Equal Rites, may reappear for the first time in this book if it is written. Esk indeed comes back in the novel as an experienced female wizard who has mastered time travel and became very powerful.

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