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Inne Juste Seven Dayes i Will Mayke You a Barberian Hero is a training manual on how to become a barbarian hero supposedly written by Cohen the Barbarian. This seems slightly unlikely, because Cohen was known only to sign his name with an X, which he sometimes spelled wrong. It is suspected that CMOT Dibbler had some part in the publication... bought, read, and carefully adhered to by Nijel the Destroyer, in Sourcery.


"Inne Juste 7 Dayes I wille make you a Barbearian Hero" might remind the reader of the song "In just 7 days I will make you a man" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

For older readers, there is an association with the Charles Atlas body-building course, which shows "before" and "after" pictures - the "before" picture is a seven-stone (98 pound) weakling who invites comparison with Nijel - which also uses the advertising line "In just seven days I will make you a man". These adverts, which ran between the 1950's and 70's in comic books, the back pages of less discerning newspapers, and male-interest magazines, were the inspiration for the Rocky Horror Show anthem which in turn inspired...