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Ipslore the Red is a minor character in the novel Sourcery. He was the eighth son of an eighth son and so, naturally, became a Wizard. However, he was later expelled from the Unseen University because he fell in love with, and married, a woman.

He went on to have seven sons (none of whom wanted anything to do with him), and then an eighth son, who inevitably turned out to be a Sourcerer.

At the time of his death he outwits Death by imprisoning himself inside his staff, which he then leaves to his son, Coin. Through the staff Ipslore controls his son and forces him to impose himself as Archchancellor of Unseen University and attempt to reassert Wizards as rulers of The Discworld. In the process he starts a magical war, which destroys much of the world.

Coin eventually realises he is being manipulated and throws away his staff. The moment the staff is discarded Death returns to reclaim Ipslore and he dies.


  • Unnamed father and seven uncles
  • Unnamed seven brothers
  • Eight sons, seven of whom are unnamed, the eighth named Coin.