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Krull is an Island and country located near the edge of the Discworld. The country's capital is also called Krull. Ruled by an Arch-Astronomer, the country's astrozoologists tried to discover the sex of Great A'Tuin.


Krullians tried to discover the sex of Great A'Tuin, but some of the ships they were using broke the strings that held them. Goldeneyes Silverhand Dactylos, a craftsman of some repute, designed a new ship, known as the Potent Voyager. The Wizard Rincewind and Twoflower—the first tourist on the Discworld—arrived in Krull, and the Krullians wanted to sacrifice them to appease the gods and bless the successful launch of the Potent Voyager. The pair hijacked the ship as part of their escape from captivity and were pushed off the edge of the Discworld.


Krull is full of mountains and woods. The Hakrull River[1] runs through the country. Krull is perched over the Rim of the Discworld. There was a ramp from which the Potent Voyager was launched when Rincewind and Twoflower hijacked the operation. The country is perched over the edge of the Discworld. The Krullians made a long object around the Rim called the Circumfence. There are mountains which went over the Rimfall.


Notes and references[]

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