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The Lancre Gorge is a gorge some three miles away from of Lancre Town in which the Lancre River flows. The main road up from Ankh-Morpork crosses the gorge via a t(r)oll bridge[1]. Lancre Castle sits precariously by the gorge. In Carpe Jugulum, Vlad jumped into the gorge with Agnes[2].

Lancre Bridge[]

The Lancre Bridge is what connects Lancre and the rest of the Sto Plains. It also forms the border of Lancre. A customs inspection is held by a troll (possibly Big Jim Beef?). All that divides Lancre from the rest of the world along this bridge is a poorly painted red, white and black post... most of the time[3]. Only sometimes it's being used up at the Copperhead road. Or the road into Überwald. Lancre bridge was the location upon which Mustrum Ridcully proposed to Esmerelda Weatherwax. She declined. Many decades later, the pair were attacked by a unicorn in the same location.[4]

Lancre River[]

The Lancre river is a snow run-off river which flows through the gorge[5]. Lord Felmet fell to his death into the river[6]. According to Ridcully, there are trout in the river that could take your arm off, limpid pools, and water meadows[7].

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