The Lecturer in Recent Runes with his staff.

Lecturer in Recent Runes: "Well, I for one have never believed all that business about dead animals turning into stone. It's against all reason. What's in it for them?"
Ponder Stibbons: "So how do you explain fossils, then?"
Lecturer in Recent Runes: "Ah, you see, I don't. It saves so much trouble in the long run."
— The Lecturer and Ponder Stibbons.[src]

The Lecturer in Recent Runes was a wizard who worked amongst the staff of the Unseen University.


During the events of Hogswatch, he witnessed Mustrum Ridcully's experiment with Wow-Wow Sauce. He also was asked by the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork, along with the rest of the Unseen University staff to get rid of all devilish devices.


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