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The Lecturer in Recent Runes with his staff.

Lecturer in Recent Runes: "Well, I for one have never believed all that business about dead animals turning into stone. It's against all reason. What's in it for them?"
Ponder Stibbons: "So how do you explain fossils, then?"
Lecturer in Recent Runes: "Ah, you see, I don't. It saves so much trouble in the long run."
— The Lecturer and Ponder Stibbons.[src]

The Lecturer in Recent Runes was a wizard who worked amongst the staff of the Unseen University.

Along with the Senior Wrangler, he does not have much of a developped personality, in comparison to the strong and evident character traits present with Mustrum Ridcully, The Dean, The Bursar, Ponder Stibbons, and Dr Hicks.


During the events of Hogswatch, he witnessed Mustrum Ridcully's experiment with Wow-Wow Sauce. He also was asked by the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork, along with the rest of the Unseen University staff to get rid of all devilish devices.