Legitimate First is the Ankh-Morpork gravedigger at the cemetery of Small Gods in Night Watch. He is under the direction of a series of short lived Deacons, the latest of whom is keen on moving the heroes of the Glorious Revolution to the ossuary in the crypt to free up space in the overcrowded cemetery for more recent burials. This Deacon resigns after an amicable afternoon tea with the Patrician in order to clear up a few little points, and goes off to spread the good word in darkest Ting Ling, both he and Vetinari taking the view that the good word couldn't be spread too far. Leggie is happy in his work except for the fact that no one lets him to the comic gravedigger routine which he knows will be a popular item, as in Shakespeare's Hamlet. He is particular about who enters his graveyard - does not like zombies because they mess up his system - no sooner are they buried and entered in the directory than they are digging themselves out of their grave and leaving. So he is not a fan of Reg Shoe visiting to look after his own grave and on the anniversary of his death coming with a shovel to re-inter himself in remembrance of his death. In previous years Leggie has thrown stones at him. He takes his name from the fact that his mother wanted everyone to know that her son was not a bastard (ie. her first legitimate one).

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