Liartes Wyrmbidder (Dragonlord) appears in The Colour of Magic. He was the son of Greicha the First, and brother to Lio!rt and Liessa. He was a Dragonrider and the more careful and thoughtful of the two sons. Liartes was banished from Wyrmberg along with his brother Lio!rt as a result of a power struggle with his sister Liessa. Liessa made a deal with Hrun the barbarian that if he could defeat her brothers in combat he could rule at her side. The brothers' chose dragons as duel weapon and even though unarmed, Hrun defeated both of them but spared them their lives. Liartes is likely a play on the name of the character from Shakespeare's Hamlet, 'Laertes' and the word 'Liar'. The others' names are likely plays on his name and the word 'liar'. (Lies)sa (sounding like Lisa), and (Lio!r)t.


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