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This is a list of factual or cultural discrepancies between books in the Discworld series, in the order that they appear. Some discrepancies could be put down to misinformation or confusion, but some show acute factual discrepancies.

Colour Of Magic to Mort, Hogfather[]

  • In The Colour Of Magic, Death comes to Rincewind (p. 78), but Rincewind flees. Death, in anger, stops the heart of a nearby fish salesman. He also kills a mayfly.
  • In Mort it is explained that Death only ushers the souls into the next world, and does not kill them. Thus, Death could not kill either the fish merchant or the mayfly- they would have had to be killed, and then Death would come for them to guide them into their afterlife. In fact Death took offence when Mort said: "but you kill people!"
  • Furthermore, it is explained that only cats and wizards can see Death, because they can see into the Octarine. As stated on p. 77 (Corgi edition): "It has been remarked before that those who are sensitive to radiations in the Octarine- the eigth colour, [the light fantastic, the colour of magic,] the pigment of the Imagination- can see things that others cannot [...] all cats can [also] see into the Octarine."
  • By contrast, in Mort and Hogfather, it is explained that people cannot see Death because there couldn't possibly be a six foot skeleton riding a white horse on the fifth storey. Wizards are so used to bizarre things that they CAN see Death. And children have not yet developed that mental block.

Death Of Fleas[]

This isn't a discrepancy as such, but:

  • The Death Of Fleas appears only in Reaper Man, and is never mentioned in subsequent books. What happened? Is he okay?

Reaper Man to Snuff[]

See Goblin#Reaper Man

Thud! to Snuff[]

  • In Thud!, Lady Ramkin explicitly asks her friend to ensure that Sgt. Colon and Nobby did indeed take the horses down to the valley.
  • In Snuff, Feeney asks Vimes if there were horses at Koom Valley (see KV Accord, Samuel Vimes). Vimes replies that no, there were not.