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Lobsang Ludd (originally Newgate Ludd) is one of the main protagonists of the book Thief of Time. He was raised as a thief by the Thieves' Guild, but was saved

from falling to his death by the timely intervention of a passing history monk. He is one of the sons of Time that later became the personification of Time.


-beware spoilers-

The son of Wen the Eternally Surprised and Time, Newgate was delivered by Nanny Ogg and left on the doorstep of the Thieves' Guild, while his brother Jeremy was left with the Guild of Clockmakers. He was raised as a thief, and was seen as a prodigy because, unbeknownst to everyone at the time, he sliced time to grab things without being noticed.

After nearly falling to his death from a rooftop while escaping pursuers, he performs the Stance of the Coyote, an advanced time monk technique, reflexively. Newgate is then noticed by a passing history monk and taken to the monastery, where he is renamed Lobsang and eventually apprenticed to the sweeper Lu-Tze. He then shows prowess in many other advanced time monk areas, such as coordinating the procrastinators (time storing devices) and cancelling out a flood of rampant time that even the most senior operator was killed by.

After Lobsang's brother Jeremy starts disrupting time with the glass clock, Lobsang and Lu-Tze travel to Ankh-Morpork to stop him and the Auditors under the pretence that he was going to learn the way of Ms. Cosmopolite. 

After arriving too late and being frozen in time, he meets up with Susan Sto Helit and traverses the city, fighting the Auditors and meeting Myria LeJean. After combining with Jeremy to become Time, he disappears and becomes non-corporeal. As he travels through Ankh-Morpork with Susan, Myria and Lu-Tze to get to Jeremy's workshop he gradually becomes more substantial and is able to destroy the glass clock, freeing the universe from its frozen state. He then travels with Susan, Lu-Tze and Unity to fix the shattered timelines.

Afterwards, he appears at the History Monk's Monastery to fight Lu-Tze in the Iron Dojo and is defeated when Lu-Tze uses deja-fu. Although he loses Lu-Tze rcommends him for the yellow robe but he declines it for that of a sweeper, becoming a full sweeper.

Later on, in Susan's classroom, it is very strongly implied that he and Susan are romantically involved when he materialises in the stationery closet and they share a 'perfect moment' together ... in spite of nougat!

Abilities and properties[]

before ascending:[]

  • the ability to slice time, both consciously and unconsciously
  • invisibility to Death, as he cannot die
  • skills gained while at Thieves' Guild
  • synchronized with unconscious brother (Jeremy would mouth words and think thoughts while unconscious and within close proximity)

after ascending[]

  • complete manipulation of time
  • ability to become less substantial at will (actually difficult to manifest)
  • all previous abilities